17 Mar 2014

Making Shadow Masks

Shadow Masks : : :

1. Using stiff cardboard, Draw and Cut out a shape in profile larger than your own head

2. Make a headband with cardboard and elastic to fit snugly

Before attaching headband to the mask, try the mask in the shadows. Stand facing the screen and hold mask behind head fitting your silhouette inside.  Mindfully take time keeping the mask parallel with the screen. 

3. Attach the mask to the side of the headband in a spot that is comfortable
4. Add textures and coloured plastic bits for hair and features. Place colour in the eyes and any other cutout spots for extra emphasis

5. Practice using the mask: watch your own shadow wearing the flat part of the mask on the back or side of your head keeping eyes on the screen.
Try different angles finding what fits, while keeping the light source at your back and eyes up. 
Slowly practice simple moves like nodding, looking up, looking down. 
Discover comfortable postures/signature poses standing still with mask on.

The best advice for getting familiar using a new shadow mask is to ALWAYS KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE SCREEN :)))

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